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Looks like the numbers took a good hit after Listen. I enjoyed the season but can't think of one episode that stands out as one I'd want to watch again. If it weren't for how much I like Capaldi, I might of not watched every episode of the season.

And reading the article makes it very clear to me why Missy just is a terrible terrible alt-Master.
Michelle Gomez's performance is what saves it for me. She's fun to watch and has a good chemistry with Capaldi. But even though I've only seen one serial with Delgado's Master, I still don't see why she is the Master. Other than the fact that she told us that's who she is, I don't see any kind of satisfying connection. On the bright side, though, the reveal that she's the Master has gotten me in the mood to watch Classic Who.

Spearhead From Space is on NetFlix, and on a number of the Best-Classic-Who lists, so I've watched that one next. Enjoyed Three's introduction, and I'm becoming a big fan of the Brigadier. Liz Shaw was fun, too. The Autons got to do a lot more than in Terror of the Autons but I got slightly bored in the middle until the action started picking up at the end of episode 3. I loved that the Doctors cape was something he'd taken/stolen from the hospital.
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