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Here are the full ratings in the UK for DW this series...interesting how the finale had a higher rating, but not as high as the premiere.

The 2014 ratings so far:

Deep Breath 6.8m (overnight) 9.17m (final) 10.76m (L+7) AI 82
Into the Dalek 5.2m (overnight) 7.29m (final) 8.26m (L+7) AI 84
Robot of Sherwood 5.2m (overnight) 7.28m (final) 8.25m (L+7) AI 82
Listen 4.8m (overnight) 7.01m (final) 7.80m (L+7) AI 82
Time Heist 4.93m (overnight) 6.99m (final) AI 84
The Caretaker 4.89m (overnight) 6.82m (final) AI 83
Kill the Moon 4.81m (overnight) 6.91m (final) AI 82
Mummy on the Orient Express 5.08m (overnight) 7.11m (final) AI 85
Flatline 4.6m (overnight) 6.71m (final) AI 85
In the Forest of the Night 5.03m (overnight) 6.92m (final) AI 83
Dark Water 5.27m (overnight) 7.34m (final) AI 85
Death in Heaven 5.45m (overnight) 7.60m (final) AI 83

Also to add: Here are the US ratings for the Doctor Who series 8 finale... 18-49...and what the ratings looked like for Capaldi's first episode...

DOCTOR WHO SEASON 8 BBCA 9:00 PM 1102 (live same day - add 000) 0.4 (FINALE)
DOCTOR WHO SEASON 8 BBCA 8:15 PM 2189 (live same day - add 000) 0.9 (Capaldi's 1st Full episode)
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