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>>>>>Do you think any of Delgado's Master stories are better than the rest?

Over all, because of the mix of characters and story, I'd say the Mind of Evil, Colonies in Space, and the Sea Devils. But since the stories are 4-6 episodes long there is always a scene or two that shines somewhere. There isn't really a consensus of 'the best of Delgado' which I think is significant, and lots of folks who agree they're all good or better on some level.

Delgado's master is legendary for being a 'gentlemanly' bad guy. He and Pertwee were great friends and I think I read somewhere that when Delgado died (in a car accident) Pertwee only did one more season and said he just couldn't play the Doctor without Degado opposite him. Maybe apocryphal?? I'll check.

Looking around, I found this. :-)


I just love his expressive face.

>>>>>My biggest complaint would probably be that the Master's motivation for wanting to kill the Doctor seemed to be only because he's E-VOL.

Yeah, that's going to be consistent, for the most part. There has always been a bit of confusion about The Master, his motivation, his 'frenemy relationship' with The Doctor. Retcons that the show later touches upon include the whole debate about whether The Master is The Doctor's brother. For sure, he's a 'best friend' at the Time Lord Academy. And his insanity is The Doctor's fault, sort of, sometimes, depending on the episode. Great first line in this article.


And reading the article makes it very clear to me why Missy just is a terrible terrible alt-Master.
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