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Thanks for that link, KMI! Looks like there isn't an affiliate that carries RetroTV here in Columbus, OH. Oh well.

Do you think any of Delgado's Master stories are better than the rest? I found Terror of the Autons on DailyMotion and just finished watching it. I thought the story a bit weak, and the Autons felt insignificant, but I did enjoy Pertwee's Doctor, Jo Grant and Delgado. My biggest complaint would probably be that the Master's motivation for wanting to kill the Doctor seemed to be only because he's E-VOL. That was their first serial together, though, so I'm assuming the rivalry gets 'fleshed out' a bit more in future episodes.

I found The Three Doctors on Netflix, so I'm going to watch that next. I've not seen any of the serials with Hartnell's or Thoughton's Doctors. Autons was the first time I'd seen a full episode with Pertwee.
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