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I've been posting a little bit over at PreviouslyTV but haven't ventured into their Doctor Who forum. I'll have to give that RTD/Moff thread a look.

I almost feel like I enjoyed Dark Water more than Death In Heaven. The Cybermen didn't really get to do anything all that cool in the finale, and I found most of the Danny/Clara moments to be groan-worthy.

Really enjoyed Michelle Gomez, and I loved that the Master amassed the army of Cybermen so that the Doctor could "fix" all of the wrongs in the universe. Her speech there was probably my favorite moment of the episode.

Moffat's particular 'brand' of flaws are those I find especially irksome and RTD's flaws I find easily forgiveable.
I saw someone else commenting that RTD could make you care about the characters along the way, though his endings weren't much better than Moffat's.
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