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Watched Dark Water this morning. I kept thinking it would have been a better story for Amy and Rory, a couple I actually cared about. Clara has grown on me this season but I still don't understand why she loves Danny Pink so much, unless it's just that she's such a control freak that she wasn't willing accept him being dead. I laughed under my breath at all of their big dramatic scenes with the melodramatic music playing in the background.

I like the actress playing Missy but I don't know much about the Master. I vaguely recall one storyline with Tom Baker taking on the Master, but I do remember it wasn't a favorite.

The scene in which Danny first meets Seb made me chuckle.

Mixed feelings about seeing the Cybermen. They were one of my favorite villains of the Tom Baker years that I've seen, but I still hate that they were defeated by a crying baby in Closing Time.
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