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12 is definitely a less cuddly Doctor. I've a bit surprised at some of the things he's said to Clara and Courtney. I like him, but I can see why some wouldn't. How would we determine if it's a regression, though? I don't know a lot about the past Doctors but my perception is that he hasn't evolved in a linear manner. Have they ever explained why one is different from the others?

Enjoyed Mummy on the Orient Express but my initial impression is that others enjoyed it more than me. The mummy was cool but I can't say that it scared me. And it's usually difficult for me to feel much of anything for the death of a character I barely know. All of those deaths, though, made me think we were going to get a visit from Missy.

I still don't understand why the mummy was killing his victims, or maybe I do and it's just not that compelling to me.

If I ever thought Capaldi's Doctor would be the end of any sexual tension with Clara, they certainly proved me wrong. It was more obvious in this episode than it has been up to this point.

While Clara has certainly grown on me, I was ready for Perkins, the engineer guy, to step in and take her place.
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