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I'm going to wade in this weekend and take the pulse of Who-dom this weekend. :scared:
How did that go? I read a decent amount of comments at the UK site, The Guardian. Mostly positive comments about Peter Capaldi but the comments about the episodes have plenty of love and hate to go around. The comments about the episodes over at AV Club seem to be kinder, though I don't read as much of them.

Mixed feelings about Kill the Moon. They really had me going for a minute there. I thought Clara was going to have to make a tough decision and live with the harsh reality of it. Then she aborts the detonation, the creature flies away and leaves another egg/moon (bigger than its own body) in its place. Ugh.

Really enjoyed Hermione Norris as the lady astronaut. I would have pushed the button, too.

A little disappointed that they didn't do anything original with Courtney Woods.

Jenna Coleman did a good job with the outburst at the end, but I thought Clara was behaving like a petulant child. The scene pretty much salvaged the episode for me, though. It's nice to see the show play out some of the emotional consequences of their journeys after so many wasted opportunities during the Amy/Rory era.
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