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>> OK so, does Jax think everyone is so stupid that he can kill off all of the other guys and keep blaming it on various other groups?

On one hand, obviously it's risky, and that Indian Hills Pres, Jury, is going to be very big trouble before long.
On the other, yeah, a lot of them really ARE that stupid... these tricks never really seem to stop working...

>> I don't know why Juice just doesn't hit the road.

Thought Gemma had set up putting him out of town and staying at her (dead) Dad's place... Enjoyed seeing Wayne put Juice and Chibs together at the diner, though. Tense scene.

If anybody is forgetting what Jax's 'last straw' was with Juice (they didn't recap it very well, and it hasn't turned up in any dialogue) - Jax is super-pissed that Juice told Nero that he'd killed the gun kid's Mom. It was very awkward for Jax to be caught in that particular lie with Nero.

>> Is the new sheriff really corrupt or just playing corrupt?

I think she's just working an angle. She's smart. (And yummy - looked great when she lifted up her shirt to show Chibs her scar...)
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