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>>>>>Enjoyed Into the Daleks. More thought-provoking than I've come to expect from Moffat. Even watched it twice to get a better understanding.
Agreed. I saved Into the Daleks to rewatch.

>>>>>Is the Doctor asking if he's a good man...
>>>>>I don't know why he is asking whether he is a good man either. Are they attempting character development?
A bit of both. I don't know if it's exactly character development or more of a long running theme... I think there's been a long running tradition that that Doctor's moral code is not human, and that it's murky and gray. The whole idea of him refusing to use guns, and refusing to use violence (Run!!!) is balanced by the very high death toll that surrounds him. Plus, he's still maybe processing the events of the 50th, when the Dalek-Gallifreyian genocide was timey-wimey reversed. The big question they've toyed with, here and there, is whether on balance the universe is better or worse thanks to his intervention. Especially since NuWho, there seems to be at least one or two episodes a series that connections to the issue, such as "A Good Man Goes to War." Having the Doctor being older in appearance also lends itself to more reflective themes in general I guess.

But I thought he was around 900 plus, now he's 2000... Did I forget a huge time lapse with the 50th Anniversay War Doctor?
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