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How do they verbalize it? I actually like the lower sexual tension, but that said it isn't as if I actually thought Clara and 11 acted at all like a couple. (If I was supposed to see it that way, I'd be offended as he treated her like crap in the Christmas episode.) With Jenny and Vastra I was a bit horrified about how Vastra objectified her wife, having her pose, that was supposed to be funny?

I liked the AfterWho show, and Gatiss was listed as one of the producers. Perhaps that's why it didn't completely suck. (BTW the Ultimate Time Lord and Companion shows had classic doctors and companions on as well...I liked the format wasn't just talking heads for a change, but Davison visiting with people like Colin, Syl & Paul at the con they were all together at earlier in the year.)

Oh in Pittsburgh they had it on Saturday...that would have been cool. I just hope they make the movie Q&A available...

BL (who got the Serenity t-shirt and the DWB - Tardis shirt on teefury over the weekend.)
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