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Two thumbs up. Really liked Capaldi's #12 a lot. I also like the dynamic of him and Clara because it (mostly) takes OUT that romantic undercurrent that plays even if the writer didn't intend it.

>>>>>I felt like Capaldi had touches of numerous doctors.
I agree, but apparently some of that was unintentional, because PC was channeling the others a lot and stopped to retake many scenes when he thought he wasn't being unique. But I think it's good to 'blend' some character traits and quirks.

The Rani would be cool...also hear Missy might be the female Master. eh...

I liked the story much better than most of Eleven's, and loved the callback to madame de Pompadour and the Girl in the Fireplace episode. (I showed that to my 8th graders last Spring.) I agree it presented Clara in a better light than in most of her past work. I don't think Moffat hit exactly the right note with her struggles with regeneration, because y'all are right she knew about it and even saw it. But experiencing it with 'her' doctor caused her to be, like the audience sometimes, resistent to change.So Moffat needed to make it clearer that her issues were not really with the idea of regeneration, but in accepting a different 'package' for 'her' doctor.

My students seem generally split based on gender. The boys mostly like capaldi, the girls are a bit,,,,miffed that the Doctor isn't a fangurl fantasy BF any more. Thought they don't verbalize it exactly like that. :D

I also really enjoyed the AfterWho live talk show.

I wish the folks in Pgh had gotten their act together and scheduled the theater experience sooner so i could have done it. grrr
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