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Peter Capaldi didn't disappoint. Very happy with the new Doctor. I liked most of how they explored him looking older and more serious.

The episode was OK. I know the Doctor is supposed to be disoriented right after his regeneration but most of the early part felt clunky. Happy to see Vastra, Jenny and Strax. I was intrigued by the main robot/human guy but they didn't seem to really do to much with him. I'm not sure what I think about us wondering if he jumped to his death, or was pushed by the Doctor.

I think I enjoyed Clara more than I have since her debut in Asylum of the Daleks. Really cool scene with her trying to escape while holding her breath. Also appreciated what they did with her reaction to his change in appearance.

I don't see spoilers for this show, so didn't know of Matt Smith's appearance. I know I was being emotionally manipulated but I do think my eyes watered a tiny bit during that scene.

Interesting speculation on the identity of Missy. After reading her wiki page, I really like the idea of her being The Rani......but I doubt that wish will be fulfilled.
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