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>> So, splitting 8% PROFIT (which is what I thought they said) is 1.6 mil each for Joe and Gordon.

Oh, maybe (of the profit). I thought they said full partnership of the company... (4% to each, but vested after four years, so... Joe's not going to get it... - does Gordon get an 8% share now?)

>> And Cameron gets nothing?

Right. Well, she was paid for her work...

>> He didn't ruin the rollout, just burned one truck, right?

Yeah. Glad it wasn't a warehouse or something, but... still. The truck of their symbolic rollout, the champagne breaking... kinda stings. Psycho.

>> And I was also confused because it seemed like way more time was passing all of a sudden between scenes.

Time advanced, but not (I don't think) scene-to-scene, did it? Think all the jumps were separated by act breaks...

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