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I just caught up to the last 2 last night. I thought they were both pretty good. I liked the way they tied the moon landing into the story. Of course there was the big "space race" and that was for nothing. No one went anywhere after that, too busy starting wars with one another on earth to explore space. As a kid, I thought we'd have colonies on the moon and maybe Mars by now, nut it seems keeping the US in fossil fuels and invading the Middle East are priorities instead.

I think they are showing Peggy's frustrations very well. She has chosen a career, but the men make it hard for her and don't appreciate her work "That is the best work a woman can do" not the "best work" comment by Lou. Also a woman 30 years old at the time felt her bio clock was running low. There were no fertility treatments, no tests, and women feared having a disabled child if they waited too long.

Of course the guys are all fucked up for different reasons!

I love that she and Don are making peace, and the buy-out seemed right. The musical number was bizarre, but didn't Don see dead people early on in the series???
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