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RE: Cuttler vs Don: I think it is rivalry/jealousy. Cuttler is used to being the handsome, charming one and Don is just better at that. Not even a contest. Perhaps I'm just flashing back to Harry Hamlin's Sexiest Man Alive award in 1987. But Hamlin is 20 years older than Jon Hamm. Cutler represents the past era far more than Don, who is hitting his middle years on the cusp of a great societal change. Don will make the transition, I think. He's shown that he can see into the future and is capable of recognizing and nurturing young talent. Cutler--has not, I think, not that I've seen. But he's not stupid. He has to see that Don will be the new king (until he isn't anymore of course). As far as 'managing' Don: can't be done and certainly cannot be done by any such as Cutler. As this half of the season has shown. Cutler is only able to set people up to fail. He's not able to actually do anything himself or to set things in motion for anyone's success except perhaps his own. And that is a losing game.

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