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I think men who made money were considered more powerful and to them it was enough to make the money, you didn't have to show love or affection. To be a "good provider' was the most important thing, and in fact was to many women (that is to marry one) as well. Especially in that culture. I really agree with TGIR in her analysis of both Don and Pete. Very few guys of that era had 'nurturing" parents, in fact many went through the depression and were just glad not to have to eat a squirrel for dinner, so I don't cut Pete a lot of slack.

I didn't like the sl about the flowers either. I would have preferred she get bitchy about a work issue and maybe just have it come in that it is VD and having no one makes the day worse. I also do not think MM is terribly female friendly.

Yes, women today still catch shit if they choose men's professions. Many MD's are now women but they are mostly in Pediatrics, general, geriatric and such areas. They are very rare in orthopedic surgery and most surgical areas.

And how about if Hillary does decide to run, how many times will she be called a bitch?
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