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Well, KMI, I don't think that MM is particularly woman-friendly. I think the show sees them as much more victims than the men do and much more powerless. The two black secretaries seem to have more agency and more actual friendships than any of the white female characters. Even the maid that Betty fired was far more together than her employers. Yes, she got fired for no reason and yes, it made Betty look bad--but she had a better, more genuine relationship with the children than did Betty, and I would argue that she's as close to an actual friend that Betty has ever had.

I would say that Valentine's day just highlighted that Peggy's problem is that she is a woman without a man. She's in a difficult position as a female with a lot of responsibility and struggling mightily with getting respect from the men. Joan as well, but she's had no problem getting married, having--and raising her child. And we know she has friends outside of work. Betty? She has work and she has her home which is really just another job as she's landlord in a place she doesn't feel entirely safe. Peggy is more able, more allowed to show emotions than Don is, yes: she's a woman and it's expected.
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