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Great post tgir. I agree with some of it. :P I do think somehow I hold Don to a higher standard which isn't really fair.

>>>>I don't think these characters would be true to themselves if they... discussed their feelings more. Oh, when they TRY to, it's fascinating (Don/Sally here... memorably, Don and Joan drinking and chatting a little), but they're too... you know, 'them' - to navigate healthy communication (which is fun, since they're all about communicating 'their message' to their clients and their clients' audiences...).

Good point about the irony of the 'communicating the message' on Madison Ave. I agree that the 50's-60's time period includes a constraint that limits more honest, deeper 'sharing' - and one of the hallmarks of the counterculture is to 'let it all hang out' and react to that paradigm. But regarding Peggy, I just wish there was some way to give us a stronger sense of her POV, to show what Krystal was talking about, that she's just in a really really tough spot, to validate her experiences. I think there is a point where the show is in danger of (unintentionally?) sending the wrong message about Peggy and her experiences. Upon further reflection, I think some of it might be due to the poor plot decisions. Having the conflict center round the roses comes at Peggy's expense, and includes that whole mess with Ted Chaough. I do think a closer parallel with Lou's 'bitchiness' could have been better developed - maybe by highlighting Peggy's justifiable reasons for feeling bitchy with Shirley - say Shirley dropped the ball with a client and Peggy overreacts? Contrasted with Lou overreacting to a much less justifiable situation with Sally. The whole focus of the valentines day subtext just seems to drive home that Peggy's hormones are the problem, not the pressures of her business responsibilities and the unfair treatments and burdens she faces as a women.
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