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You had (have) to be a bitch in those days and even some still to make it in a male oriented career. I was a bitch, and still can be, but not to my assistants or whoever did a good job for me. However, in my group practice, I was the one who fired evryone, my 2 male partners couldn't do it. But day to day I treated people better (if they were doing their job) and was better liked than the guys by some of the staff.

In the early days as a female specialist it was hard as the men either wanted to ignore you or sleep with you. The wives were jealous if you looked too good. Much socializing was done on the golf course, and I didn't golf, or men's clubs.

Of course I had a good home life and my husband had a career so all of the income did not fall on my shoulders.

I mostly had female patients, and I had a very good relationship with almost all of them.
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