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Re: Peggy - fair enough.

>> One thing I've always disliked about MM is that it limits itself to an almost documentary style storytelling, with little analysis or point of view or attempt to judge or assess. No one shares meaningful or insightful discussion or support. People are adrift like islands, leading those lives of quiet desperation. The happiest people are seem to be the least self aware...

I agree with your facts here, but don't think it would be stronger for working against that... I don't think these characters would be true to themselves if they... discussed their feelings more. Oh, when they TRY to, it's fascinating (Don/Sally here... memorably, Don and Joan drinking and chatting a little), but they're too... you know, 'them' - to navigate healthy communication (which is fun, since they're all about communicating 'their message' to their clients and their clients' audiences...).

>> The show does not present a really strong suggestion that this world is damaged, rotten to the core, hollow and shallow.

I think it does, it's just that dummies (like those Hamm is talking about; also those that 'want to be Tony Soprano') are CLEARLY missing it, but I don't think that's Weiner's fault...

>> Are they trying to suggest that honesty is a weakness? That Don's weakness is his lack of control (not know WHEN to be honest?) Something else?

That's a fun discussion. Because telling Sally and Bobby more about who their father is (because they know nothing)
(like Jon Snow)
is a GOOD thing... but switching up his Hershey pitch like he did... um, yeah, no that wasn't the right time or place...

Sigh. Only twelve more hours... I can't wait to see how it all unfolds, but I'm going to be very sad to not follow these characters any further into their lives...
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