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This past week saw two movies: 'The Late Quartet' with Philip Seymour Hoffman and Christoper Walken. This one I really enjoyed and it certainly was a different film for Hoffma and Walken. I realize this film would not be popular with those who don't like classical music.

Also, finally saw 'Django Unchained'. A typical Tarantino film -- lots of blood and guts. I think Samuel L. Jackson did an excellent job with his role, though.

My expectations for the Academy Awards show are always low, however, I think Ellen did a reasonably good job this year. Some of the jokes were not all that funny, IMO, but I realize she needed to play to the Hollywood crowd.

Unfortunately, there were not any surprises for the any of the awards. According to critics the only glaring one was in Documentary Feature with' 20 Feet From Stardom' winning, when it should have been 'The Act of Killing' -- a much more informative film.

I really was shocked by Kim Novak's appearance.

Most of the speeches were good. I didn't particularly like McConaughey's acceptance speech -- it was all about him!!

I have seen some of the movies, but still want to see 'Dallas Buyers Club', 'Jasmine' and 'Nebraska'.
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