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I'd be interested in seeing Escape Plan (I like escape-from-prison stories).
I want to see the Carrie remake, for sure (just re-watched the DePalma recently, with friends...).
I'm sure I'll love Nebraska.


Oscars last week -

7 for Gravity, including Director.
3 for 12 Years a Slave, including Picture.
3 for Dallas Buyers Club.
1 for Her.
Nothing for the other five Picture nominees... I had thought American Hustle would get something...

2 for The Great Gatsby.
2 for Frozen. (Hey, I've seen these two...)

I got 18 out of 24 on the party's ballot. The winner just missed TWO, and one lady just missed three. I used to do REALLY well on these, but that was also during the time when I'd see all the movies before the show. Once, I got either a perfect score (or missed one, I'm not sure which) and won a newspaper contest... won free movie tickets for a year, a cool leather jacket, a meal somewhere, I think... big prize package.

Ellen was funny. Maybe 12 and a half minutes on the pizza bit was too much, but it was funny - Crystal loved Big Mama's and Papa's Pizza (I liked it, too, but she particularly loved that place over others we'd get) and the one we'd go to isn't there any more (don't know if there are any still in town or not - haven't looked yet), closed sometime last year while I wasn't passing it every week on my way to the wax museum for work... staff inside was always super-friendly - and foreign - so I wonder if the co-owner/delivery guy Ellen brought out WAS one of the guys I 'knew' from here (it's a chain, but a small one...).

Wow, Kim Novak looks terrible.
Sidney Poitier looks better, but... you know. Getting up there.

The heroes montages were okay.

I liked all the songs... 'Happy' is pretty infectious (was at a school this week that plays it with morning announcements...)... I like the Karen O. song - I know I'm gonna love the movie... always love U2 (new album being pushed to '15 - darn...)... Travolta's massacre of introducing Idina Menzel brought about the best jokes in the last week... Pink was great on 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow'... Bette Midler doing 'Wind Beneath My Wings' fine, but an odd choice to have it be AFTER the 'Dead Show', instead of during (Dennis Farina was the most egregious omission, I think...). Glad Bill Murray gave Harold Ramis a cool shout-out.

Don't know which winners I'll agree or disagree with until I see the movies, but I'm a happy big fan for Spike Jonze, winning for his Her screenplay. Acceptance speeches by Leto, Nyong'o, and McConaughey were fun/gracious/cool... can't remember much about Cate Blanchett's now, a week away from it...


The TCM documentary '... And the Oscar Goes To...' was really fun.

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