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I wanted to be clear: when I said we don't know for certain what happened, I mean that we don't know as in an absolute certainty. It's pretty clear from court documents (from link at the bottom of KMI's Vanity Fair link, reposted here) that even Allen's own therapist believed that he had an unhealthy relationship with Dylan.

If you read the following link, well, scathing just begins to touch it. One of the conclusions is that while Farrow is not a perfect parent, her main fault as a parent was continuing a relationship with Allen. I find myself scratching my head as to why she wanted to see him when he clearly had zero interest in her children and they were clearly very important to her. Even more puzzling is why she would try to get him to adopt her son and to adopt another child with her, given his complete and total lack of interest in her children.


The fact that Mia Farrow had an affair with the much older Frank Sinatra starting while she was 19 and married him at what 21? 22? has no bearing on whether or not Woody Allen molested Dylan and has no bearing on whether or not it was appropriate for Allen to take nude crotch shots of Mia's teenaged daughter, sister to his 3 children, while he and Mia were dating or to have an affair with this same teenager, no matter whether they married and then adopted 2 daughters themselves (a thought which sickens me).

Of course most women will be distraught and angry if they find their lover is unfaithful, especially with a much younger woman. Can you imagine if that is your own daughter? If she's 19 and living with you? A daughter you know to be sheltered, introverted? Sister to 3 children you share with your lover? Not only for yourself but because of the damage you fear to your daughter and your other children? Of course she is angry. That does not mean that she brainwashed Dylan.

Whether she continued to have an affair with Sinatra while involved with Allen does not affect whether or not Allen molested Dylan. However, Allen is freely trying to establish his innocence by disparaging Farrow.

Dylan approached Mia with her story. A third person witnessed Allen with his head in Dylan's lap, in her crotch and later that day Dylan was discovered to be wearing no panties. The person who was supposed to ensure that Allen and Dylan were not alone together---because Allen was so inappropriate with Dylan and was actually in therapy because of his inappropriate behavior--- actually lost track of them for 15-20 minutes.

Read the link. It moved me from having some small room to doubt to having virtually none. I don't believe that Mia brainwashed Dylan. I don't believe that Dylan has false memories. I also do not doubt that Allen does not believe he did anything which was inappropriate. Which is all the more horrifying.

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