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I read the 10 Facts piece, but not yet the Orth-on-the-Farrows profile from last November's VF.

Strongly agree with tgir that it's impossible to state anything with certainty because we weren't there.

For me, though I fully understand the difference between a man and his art... Woody's work IS so 'personal' that it DOES feel like I know something of his 'character' from having watched most of his films. I 'trust' him as much as I trust any stranger I've never met.

Woody's knocks at Mia's character (her age when she first got involved with Frank, her history with the Previns, Ronan's probable paternity) are way 'off-topic', but do serve to make her a less reliable witness (or 'victim' figure).

I do believe Dylan is telling her truth, but I do strongly doubt that what she believes happened actually did.
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