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Nick Kristof is my very favorite of favorite reporters. I follow him on FB, use his HBO doc in class when studying the Holocaust, and for five years have given extra credit for students who follow him and write about his posts. Ive even applied to his 'teacher travels' project in the hopes of being chosen from thousands to accompany him on reporting an issue somewhere in the world...usually somewhere scary. He is someone I trust - as much as any journalist can be trusted. Like Cronkite-level trust.

He usually keeps a pretty even keel, and works hard to see both sides. In the HBO doc, he sits down with warlords and genocidal nut cases and stays cool. He and his wife have made women's issues a huge focus, and that's been the focus of their recent book and PBS special "Half the Sky." So I can see why he's really not a Woody fan.

Just knowing Kristof has essentially 'chosen a side' confirms my own views.


In case you can't find the link on kristof's post later on:

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