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Well, he's lying about there having been definitive determination that Dylan had not been abused. Or else the other guy who said that he declined to prosecute because he didn't want to cause Dylan more harm is lying. One has a lot more at stake.

Interesting piece in Slate, from Roman Polanski's victim:


I don't understand why the courts would have allowed two unmarried people to adopt a child together, as they did Mia and Woody. Twice. In those days, that was not at all common. But to me, it speaks to the power of wealth and fame. The fact that he was allowed to adopt two more children with the woman he took nude pictures of when she was a teenager and who is the sister of 3 of his children does not really provide any evidence that there was nothing to the earlier allegations.

Of course none of us was present and so we cannot say with any certainty what did or did not happen.
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