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The family member molestation cases are so unimaginably complicated and devastating. Since this thread is in the public domain I wont comment beyond that but its a subject I am all to familiar with and still have so little understanding of. I've avoided most of the Woody Allen stuff because to form an opinion I would have to read alot more on the topic and it puts me in a weird mental place to read accounts/stories like this. I will say I almost always believe an accuser especially a child until proven otherwise.

I've never had anyone just randomly expose themself to me. Not sure how I'd react, probably laughter first unless I truly felt threatened, then mace. We had a guy around here a few years back who was a serial flasher, he ran around in a raincoat and just jumped out, flashed, snapped a pic of the persons face and run away. He was eventually caught but it took awhile.

I elbowed a drunk groper in the face last summer. Hubby still laughs about that since he was nearby and I reacted before he even had the chance to. The guy bled alot being drunk with a busted nose. I laughed at his stupidity, maybe he'll think twice the next time.

Hoffman death is so sad. Drugs are everywhere it seems. And yes the heroin problem is terrible here in Ohio too. Its just such a waste. Makes me mad and sad at the same time.
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