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I am very unable to form an opinion about the whole mess. When I read Dylan's account, especially the full account:


I am inclined to believe her.

Robert Weide's article defending Woody Allen is well laid out, and does a good job of reminding people of some of the 'nutty' behaviors of both sides, and reiterates stuff many people keep forgetting (esp. that Woody barely knew Soon-Yi when they developed a relationship - being in Pittsburgh, where Andre Previn was Pittsburgh Symphony director for many years, we got a lot of Previn news regularly) but does sound very biased in its tone and very selective in its scenarios.

The comments to his article are doing a very good job of blasting holes in his arguments in a lot of places.

>>>>>I don't think Woody would sexually assault a seven year-old.
Yet I don't think Mia would manufacture false memories for Dylan, either.

The question of false memories is the big issue. The DSM-V still does not recognize it, but there is a lot of evidence that false memories can be created, especially by 'recovery therapy.' But in this case, Dylan did not 'remember' years later during suggestive therapy and hypnosis. If she is to be believed, she has never felt strong enough to come forward with the truth, but has known all along the facts of the matter. To doubt her story means you must believe that there was a systematic, intense effort to muddle her understanding of the truth. I don't hear, in her story, those 'markers' that suggest such a thing. yeah, Mia was wacky or whatever, but I don't think she was so cruel or insane as to deliberately create this mess out of whole cloth using Dylan.

The scenario Wrede suggests, that the house and the situation was such that Woody really couldn't have hidden the abuse rings very very false to me. It sounds 'logical' but in fact is not at all based on reality. People are blind for a lot of reasons. Busy, willfully blind, distracted, etc.

And a sexual assault only takes minutes. I've been sexually assaulted (depending on the way that phrase is defined) at least four times. In each case, the encounter was less than five minutes. The first time, was on my own street a half a block from where I lived. A man exposed himself and wanted me to touch him. In broad daylight. With neighbors out and about. As I walked home from school for lunch. At 10 years old. I was a suspicious child who read a lot, and was backing up from the car rather than curious. And ran fast, whereupon the police where called. The guy was never caught.

The second time was in a department store (Kaufman's, Krystal) as my high school choir was getting ready to perform. We were all scattered throughout the shopping area on that floor waiting for our call, browsing merchandise, shoppers and crowds everywhere, when a guy approached me, exposed, and tried to push me into a dressing room area, while simultaneously pushing my skirt up. I kneed him, kicked him, which gave me time to get out my switchblade, and walked away. Didn't even tell security, it was too much trouble. Sang with the choir, begged a ride home so I didn't need to catch a bus from downtown, since I was a little shaken up.

In both of the above situations, the guy was a well dressed business type.

The third and fourth times I was a little complicit (I thought in those days) since I was drunk. Once in a parking lot of a bar, once walking home when I jumped out of the car after a fight with my boyfriend. Each time, I was lucky that I had a weapon and was able to fight off the attack. Each time there were people around. I think these creeps count on you being too afraid to scream or fight.

I think sexual assaults are far more common than we realize, and sexual assaults by adults on children as well.
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