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I would LOVE Whithouse. I loved the BBC's Being Human - much superior to the amercanized version. I am firmly rooting for this to happen sooner rather than later.

Gatiss would be a middle of the road acceptable choice. I liked Night Terrors, but some of his other episodes have been 'plotty' and gimmicky, rather than character driven. Yet, the docudrama "Adventures in Time and Space" was gorgeous. He has a LOT of support from a certain segment of the fanbase.

Not familiar with Overman or Misfits.

Neil Cross would be very cool. I even liked his "Ring" episode, as I rather enjoy grand failures better than mediocre safety. My big concern would be that he seems to represent a high likelihood of someone who would drop out midstream and cause chaos for awhile.

Chibnall is a very mixed bag, as noted. I loved Broadchurch, but have a feeling he will fall victim to the Moffat syndrome of doing better work away from Who. Some people seem to think SF and Who are excuses to break the generally sensible writing rules they otherwise follow.

Gaiman. Well, why dream of the impossible?

Stryzcinski, intriguing but risky. And unlikely.

And of course, all speculative, and probably someone never even mentioned.

I wonder if he has promised to get the 12th Doctor (Capaldi) off and running and then pass the torch after one season of #12?
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