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The thing is there are so few episodes of Sherlock (something like 9 since 2010), so even with the great ratings within the UK it isn't a bulletproof situation. It is up to the BBC to get rid of Moff or he has to decide to go. (I've seen people try to Harriet Jones ala Christmas Invasion, Moff, which I find hilarious...--sorry that means that people are saying that he looks tired to get the BBC to have a vote of no confidence and get rid of him.)

Don't want to give any spoilers out, but Capaldi started taping. The poor guy was hurt during his last acting job (three musketeers which will actually air on BBCAmerica)...he plays Cardinal Richlieu and he dislocated his thumb and still is in pain.

I never heard of the eight words thing, but appropriate, so many times that's exactly what happened to me, I didn't realize that was an actual thing.
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