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LOL seriously...that's where it came from Billie misspeaking. I want to see the first usage, as I've only seen later ones. I could see some DW fans being offended that the nickname persisted as really that is so not child appropriate. I knew that DT dated the chick who played Reinette, but nothing beyond that. Doesn't actually matter though in the long run as long as nothing illegal happened (like the mess that the BBC has been dealing with in the last few months were some long time presenters are now accused of sexual abuse of children…UGH)

Georgia had another son. DT said on some radio show that he wanted to say hello to Ty, Olive and Wilfred along with Mrs. T.

While family was here, I watched the show with my nephew (13 years old). He has classmates who watch Who, but they don't have BBCAmerica. He prefers 10 to 11 (this isn't my influence, tho funny), but Jack is his new favorite. I put on the end of series 3 for us to watch, and he hadn't seen Jack before, and really liked him. Unfortunately he is way too young for Torchwood. He didn't even have an issue with him liking both men and women or anyone else for that matter. It was funny when we explained it to my sister (his mom)…

Oh in other news: "My very brief acquaintanceship with Tumblr is it's a place where people who really hate me gather" -Steven Moffat I also saw another quote about how Moff believes that what differentiates the companions are the actors not the writing. Does that make any sense?

Speaking of the Christmas show: Paul Cornell who wrote DW (Father's Day, and Human Nature/Family of Blood) wrote a short story in 2009, which has the same sort of premise as Matt's final show.

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