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I think almost any fan group can have annoying members. (I must admit at times, I bet I am way too much for people as sometimes I'm too much for myself.) Matt's fans seem quieter or else he has a lot less…they aren't pervasive the way DT's still are. That said I think Matt is well-liked in the US and Canada, but again it goes back to accessibility and how people only have started to see Who while Matt in the role. Also Matt seems to be a nice guy who just plays an eccentric character… ;) I think part of what hurts Matt is the fact that some viewers can't stand Moff's version of the show. There are a few people who are say "I like Matt, but I don't enjoy Doctor Who anymore."

I think you are right about the rumors regarding DT and all that (not that I know everything, far from it as I missed most of it. Like were people angry with him over Georgia?) I'd have to go search old articles to find out the real nasty stuff. That said I wonder if some fans wanted whomever played the Doctor to be beyond reproach. Then again the headlines write themselves as they could easily play off how he played Casanova, and all that jazz, plus Billie Piper was a tabloid queen even prior to DW. Bills nickname for him probably didn't help things in some circles...

I feel like I don't know Clara, while Donna, Rose, Martha, and Jack were all well-defined people. Even characters that weren't on as often like Rose's family, Mickey and Wilf had actual personalities. We didn't get to know Martha's family as much, but we barely knew anything about Amy's family or Rory's as we only met them on a couple of episodes. Amy's family didn't exist and then they did. I didn't hate Amy, but my feelings for her were based on the episode.

I want to see the full version of Christmas invasion…as I've only seen the BBC America edit.

With the coat, it wasn't a big deal, how he put it to the side even though it was significant. I didn't even notice he had put the coat away in the first viewing just that he didn't have it on himself. Yes it would have been like if 4 had taken the scarf off to regenerate or something…. Yes the character's DNA changes, the memories just remain, so he is physically a different person and the way he will react to situations is not the same.
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