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Anyway back to the episode from Wednesday night. Here is a commentary from an RTD fan comparing it primarily to TEOT, and how Moff took elements of that and put them in Matt's last episode. Not sure what I think about it…


I agree with a lot of that. Mostly, the idea that Moff doesn't EARN his emotional impact. The blogger captured exactly that ida with her description of the bow-tie. It's a great scene, but afterwards (so often with Moff it's not a warm afterglow but a nagging, "wait a minute..." ) I'm thinking, every single doctor had 'signature items' that typified that doctor's persona, and no one ever made big ole deal out of that before. He's changing his entire DNA (I think) - the bow tie is not a big deal. As a metaphor it works better understated. But Moff has to drop the anvil, suck out the superficial emotion, because otherwise there IS no emotional pull.
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