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i agree with all of your points. I don't like to generalize too much but I do think the Brits have preferred the MOTW format more, hence Moff. I also agree that DT fans have been sometimes obnoxious,m especially the 'Manny style' fangirls-with-an-i who had such crushes on him. Not sure how that's working out with Matt. I agree his personal life took an unfair hit and had an impact too. There were SOOOO many rumors and gutter press articles. So add in his true antics and stuff and it was a heady mix. It's impotant to remember that CE was there only a year, so David essentially became the NuWho standard bearer who had to face all the past Whovian comparisons.

And as far as DT's 'human' portrayal and emo stuff and 'mistakes'...I will always prefer that to a technically perfect performance. (I remember this was a topic on STNG with Data. :-) )

Thinking about the Matt VS David years, I think a lot of it has to do with the companions. I didn't like Amy or Clara much, so it's harder for Matt to make that work.

I agree with your rankings for Matt's Christmas outings. David's Christmas Invasion will always be my favorite.

I caught "Midnight" last night repeating on BBC and even as a stand-alone, without my girl Donna, it was still better than anything from the Matt years. And "Midnight" isn't even in my top ten.
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