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I wonder if it isn't a cultural thing…as Moff's show is more MOTW and self-contained, while in the US we tend to have more science fiction that is arced. So we have that preference unlike other people???

The actor who played Clara's Dad was completely different also.

Some of the criticism of DT I think comes as a blowback as he has such devoted fans. And many of them aren't traditional scifi audience members, so the show went extremely mainstream within the UK. Ironically tho DT is a Whovian himself, which perhaps is another issue that bugs people. (Why I don't know…then again sometimes DT does insane stuff as himself, and I wonder what he is thinking--the stuff he did around Christmas is a good example. Honestly it would be hard for me to hate someone who has said the following: "I still am a geek. I don't think there's anything wrong with that. I see no shame in having an unhealthy obsession with something." Then again some people may not be self-aware enough or think the term geek is evil. Now it is not…seriously take the word back people…and it isn't a disrespect unless it is said by someone who uses it in a negative way not in the case when someone claims it as their own. It isn't a racial slur or some such.) In the Eleventh Hour panel during 50th anniversary celebrations, Matt talked about David and how they were looking at a wall of past companions and how David knew everyone and didn't get why Matt didn't know them.

Also I think that unlike some of the other Doctors 10 is emotional. One person I read said that he was the most human, which they saw as a negative, and which I saw as a positive. I like to be able to relate to characters and considering how important his companions were to him it made sense. They were his family and that was something he hadn't had for hundreds of years. I think people thought that the 10 regeneration was too much, too bombastic and such. Considering it was a goodbye not just for DT, but also much of the behind the scenes team, I think that choice was made intentionally. If someone had issues with his performance in that episode, well he was overcome on an emotional level (some people posted behind the scenes material and basically he was a wreck on his last day…which some may argue that he should have been able to overcome. Well that's being human, not being perfect…rather too much emotion than not enough.)

Anyway back to the episode from Wednesday night. Here is a commentary from an RTD fan comparing it primarily to TEOT, and how Moff took elements of that and put them in Matt's last episode. Not sure what I think about it…


I liked the Narnia one...I think I'd do it the Narnia one, the Snowmen, then the Christmas Carol and this year's for Matt.
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