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>>>>>I didn't get the creepy vibe but I noticed a number of people saying it at TWOP. I saw it more as disorientation but when I re-watched it I can see how it would be perceived as creepy with the way he gets up in Clara's face with that strange look on his face. I have to wonder, though, if it has something to do with Clara school-girl-crushing on the Doctor, and now he's in the form of a much older man.
That's a good point. Even CE was young enough you could tolerate a bit of flirting between The Doctor and the girl. This is why Donna Noble is my favorite companion in NuWho. It's not Capaldi's fault that there has been subtext flirting going on and now it seems creepy.

The majority at Gallifrey Base really liked it, confirming I am not GB material. In general, they like Moffat a lot ore that RTD.

>>>>>I'm guessing this puts an end to all the flirtation between Clara and the Doctor. I like Clara but wouldn't mind him getting a companion who's a bit more unique.
Yeah. I'll comment under Bloss's K9 > Clara comment. :D

>>>>>The exterior of Clara's building was Rose's building. Have they really run out of locations in Cardiff? And how Clara came back, that was strange. I think the worst hilarious comment was how K9 had better character development than Clara.
That's hysterical, because true, imo! Clara's story never made a lick of sense. Her 'impossible girl' existence was never (imo) dovetailed well enough into her human character and life (as witness her family Christmas dinner...) and so she seems very much like a plot point and not a real character. She had such potential and the souffle girl, and then it got ruined.

>>>>>Also her father was dead when she was introduced, and now he isn't.
That's what I thought---they whole leaf metaphor and story....

>>>>>I don't really have an opinion on Capaldi yet playing the part. I just hope the stories make more sense for his sake (and mine).
I agree. I want stories that make sense. I will never like a doctor as well as Tennent, and usually I am pretty able to be objective, so I don't understand all of the DT criticism. A lot of people disliked his regen story and thought RTD was too angsty, but I don't see it. Usually I can see why others my see it, even though I disagree, but I just don't even see it.

>>>>>While I had a couple of issues with the 50th special, I think having that on before and after the Christmas special made the Christmas episode seem even more messed up tho I must admit the advertising that was played during the regeneration portion was annoying.
Big big agree. I liked the 50th Anniversary show a lot, so this looks especially weak by comparison, especially since I watch it just before the Christmas special. I liked all of the past Christmas specials better than this. My favorite Matt special was the Widow, the Doctor,and the Wardrobe...being a huge Narnia fan.

I liked the Snowmen much better too. Actually out of all the Christmas episodes, I think I enjoyed this one the least as I couldn't follow it.

Mark finished the Eccleston year with me on a rewatch in September so we are ready to begin David Tennant's doctor and I'm really looking forward to it, especially since he bought me the final 'specials' for Christmas that ended DT's tenure and ends with his regen episode.
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