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I was not impressed with the Christmas Special send-off for Matt Smith. Surfing around and most reviews seem lukewarm at best. The plot was even holier (I mean, full of holes :P ) than Moffat's usual, and seemed to be shoe-horning a lot of resolutions to past loose ends. There were some nice moments of emotional impact and the final scenes with Matt regenerating were good. I liked his line about not forgetting himself, and liked the dropping of the bow tie. I wasn't a fan of Amy Pond, so I wasn't all that heart-rent with her raggedy man cameo.

Peter Capaldi did not impress me with his appearance. I know the newly regenerated Doctor is disoriented, but I agree with others that he seemed creepy, not quirky. I know a LOT of people are looking forward to him taking over the role so I hope this was an aberration.
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