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(I was reading around and typing while you posted yours, BL, but it's funny that we were both confused.)

I forgot to mention that it was so cool to see Tom Baker at the end of The Day of the Doctor. Gave me goosebumps.

The Time of the Doctor

Confused about some of what was going on here but that happens with the way Moffat writes his stories. Other than it being a love-saves-day moment, I didn't really understand how Gallifrey was able to make another crack in the Universe to send the Doctor his new regeneration. I thought those cracks were caused by something else.

I did like how they tied up the "Silence will fall" arc. It was cool that they were actually trying to prevent something "bad" from happening, rather than being the cause of it.

Being a big fan of Amy Pond, I loved her showing up just before he regenerated. That was about as close to tears I got, though Clara declaring how much she didn't want him to change did tug at me a bit.

Capaldi's intro was fun. I'm intrigued by him. Disappointed we have to wait so long to get new episodes, though I realize it will just be more Moffat nonsense.

At the moment, I feel like I enjoyed The Snowmen more than this one. Mostly because I love Jenni and Vastra, and Strax always makes me giggle.
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