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A group of girls from work, my kids and I went to see the midnight showing of Catching Fire. It was our first midnight showing and the kids were stoked. I thought it was very well done. Obviously as with any movie there were some deviations from the book and as a huge fan of the books I was a little perturbed at parts but all in all I was very happy with it. Corrina has already asked to buy it, lol.

Now excited waiting for Divergent to come out however according to IMDB there are some main characters that aren't in the film if they have the full cast listed. For those that know the books, the last time I checked they didn't have any of the Dauntless born initiates cast. While I don't think they need all of them I do think that Uriah, Marlene, and Lynn are vital to the storyline. Ok rant over :) Got off work an hour late and need some sleep or to get busy. Haven't decided which yet, lol.
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