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Did anyone understand what the creepy lady whispered in the ear of the lady who runs the local paper when she showed up there late at night? I get lost in the accents at times. And if I have closed captioning, I don't know how to get it to work.

The music here is great. Haunting and emotional, but not manipulative.

The revolving door of suspects does feel so been-there-done-that but I like how this is from the perspective of life in a small town. A place where things like this don't happen, but people are people and secrets are now being pushed to the surface. And I still like how the reporters are exploiting the story for their own good....and how Hardy needs to solve this case for his own redemption.

Loved Hardy's "false intimacy" explanation for why he didn't need to use first names.

A nice move by Beth telling Mark she knows about Becca just as they're walking in to the press conference.
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