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I do agree the music overall has been great - atmospheric but not intrusive. The best part of the grocery scene for me was when the townsman came up and, I think, sincerely tried to offer some kind words and she was too overwhelmed (and angry? now that denial has passed) to accept kindness. Been there, and hate that I react like that.

I am pissed to have learned BBCA is/maybe is cutting a few scenes here and there to accommodate American commercial needs. Now I feel obligated to investigate what scenes were cut, but fear spoilers.

>>Enjoyed the back-and-forth between Miller and Hardy. Didn't he botch his last big case?
That's still a mystery. SOMEthing happened, but not sure if he is at fault. The media think so, but his boss seemed kinder about it. I think some killer 'got off' due to a mistake the media attribute to him?
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