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I liked the second episode even better. Lots of threads spun, with lots of various possibilities opening up. I especially like the tension Miller is under as she tries to be good-neighbor community lover and also an effective 'tec. Tennant is excellent as Hardy, despite portraying a role very much against his strength. I really liked Darvill as the minister, and the way it's developing. I hope they look at issues of faith and church a little more sympathetically and complexly than usual lately. (Which means I already hope he isn't the killer.)

There were a lot of subtle, powerful scenes. My favorites included the hotel owner, the minister, and the older businessman and their discussion; and also the scene on the beach with the daughter and her boyfriend, who played that with just the right touch of frustration.

The show is giving a lot of people on TWoP a chance to dis on the Killing all over again. lol
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