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Not sure if this will need a thread but since I really liked it...

The first series achieved overwhelming ratings for ITV in England, with critical acclaim and huge publicity around the "whodunit" mystery. It's been renewed by ITV.

The story in the premiere was a bit predictable since we need the setup and the intro to so many characters. But I gotta say, compared to The Killing, I was totally invested in the poor kid Danny's death, the family, the community, the police. I even teared up TWICE. The emotional punches from several scenes were strong, and felt earned even despite that 'early premiere episode' mode.

I always adore David Tennant, so I may have lost objectivity. :P He was more stoic, more 'haunted' and reserved as DI Alec Hardy than in Dr. Who. As The Doctor I am used to his mobile, expressive face, his nearly-over-the-top exuberance, he vitality. Here he is definitely subdued, with a dark past, a bit of a mystery concerning whatever happened in Sandbrook.

I really liked the characters, especially DS Miller, just returned from maternity leave, and Danny's parents. I LOVED Arthur Darvill as Rory in #11's Whoverse and expect I will like seeing him as the Vicar.

Lots of brief intros of folks around the community, which already feels very 'real' to me.
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