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I have been saving my Much Ado review...so I wouldn't gush so much.

First it was awesome because it was clear, from the attire, that there were lots of Whedon fans, which was fun. An having the 400 seat theater three quarters full on a Sunday at 5 o'clock was also fun.

The movie itself was truly excellent. So much comedy done well that even my philistine hubby who hasn't read the play or much of Shakespeare was entranced and amused. I really liked some of the updating techniques used and the stage elements incorporated (i.e. mocking the tradition in Shakespeare - and SOAPS lol - where people overhear info).

The acting was excellent, which once again reminds me that the genre actors working in 'minor' shows are every bit as outstanding as the talent in big name cable shows such as Mad Men. Case in point - Pete, who got his early start on Angel. There were so many great performances but I really do have to single out Amy Acker and Alexis Denisof. What's so gfangurl cool is knowing they first did the role during the Buffy years 'for fun' at Joss's house, and the movie gives them the happy ending they couldn't have when her character Fred died in his character Wesley's arms during S5 of Angel. lol

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