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Finally caught up with Dark Knight Rises on cable. Lots of Pittsburgh scenes subbing for Gotham. I even recognized the interiors of some buildings. I knew several people who worked on the movie, several who were extras.

At nearly three hours I found it a little bloated, well...a LOT bloated... and as always, not nearly as interested in Batman as in Superman or Spiderman. I think it might be that I 'met' Batman as a campy, silly 60's romp, and just cannot reconcile this broody, angsty dude with Adam West and company. Plus, Batman's angst always seemed poorly developed and presented. I cared a heckuva lot more about Supe's human worries, and Spidey's family tragedies than I ever did about the Waynes.

I did like Gordon-Levitt who is a big favorite. Bane, and the story, and the rather boring special effects....meh. Avengers beats Batman hands down.
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