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Feb 25 2013, 02:21 PM
Kind of a 'Wow, can this be right?' - Daniel Day-Lewis in Lincoln is the first winning performance from a Steven Spielberg film.

Really? I can't believe that. Very strange.

Silver Linings Playbook is the only movie I saw out of the list and I loved it. I'm going to see most of the others on DVD or something when they come around.

Hathaway's dress didn't do it for me and the darts in front did not go over well on TV.

I don't think I ever saw Halle Berry not look stunning. She is just beautiful ... not sure she's not cray-cray in real life but beautiful.

I watched most of the show live. Big ugh. I hate watching things live. The last 1/2 hour is for tonight ... which should be the 'good stuff'. I had fun googling all the ages of the women as the show went on and kept going 'Crap she's almost as old as I am ... How did that happen".

Did anyone see Renee Zellwinger right before the show started at the end of the Red Carpet Show? I was shocked by her looks. I barely recognized her and not in a good way. She just looked 'different'. I LOVED Jennifer Anistons dress but I thought her hair looked eh and her eyes had bags ... also I'm not sure she wasn't stoned or something. Oh well ... till next year!

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