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Jan 1 2013, 12:17 PM
Huh. I really liked Lawrence (but agree re: the actual film. Underwhelming.
I don''t know her work at all. It's entirely probable that it's not her fault but a poorly written script. Two key items, imo>


The scene with Rue's death wasn't very powerful. If I watch it again it could be that the writing just didn't give 'Katniss' a chance to showcase her grief well. That is upsetting as that is the key moment that motivates her both to win the Game and eventually to be a revolutionary.

The ambiguity with her relationship with Peeta wasn't well defined. She came off sort of bratty with him, whereas in the books it's clear she's conflicted on several levels.

I guess a major part of it is that the books are her 1st person narration and we are inside of her head, whereas the film is from her POV but obviously not 1st person. I think the script needed to give more there.
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