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Dec 31 2012, 03:22 PM
Yeah. As I've gotten older and become more of a worker and a tv-addicted homebody, I'm seeing far fewer movies than I used to... thinking back 15 years ago or so, I'd see all of the Oscar nominees BEFORE the show, and now it's years before I even get to seeing the WINNERS...

I see fewer movies because I stopped going to the theaters regularly (too expensive, too many rude people talking on their phones... and in many cases, I'm going to buy the dvd eventually anyway, so...). I see fewer movies because I watch too much tv. I see fewer movies because... well, a lot of tv IS better,

Big agree with this post, and hubby is especially hard to get to the movies thanks to the bolded item...

One of my three big resolutions is to establish movie-of-the-month and get a group (hopefully NOT girls-nite-out) to see something once a month. Establish it as "oh it's the last Friday of the month....movie-and-dinner with KMI. Maybe sometimes it's me and hubby, maybe sometimes it's me and a gang... I don't see even my good friends enough any more.

I picked Friday as a way to motivate me not to collapse at the end of the week like I've been doing. Hope it works. Plus, the suburbs I like in have had crappy 70s theaters and now we're getting a huge new state-of-the-art theater 5 minutes away later in 2013, so it's time to establish a tradition.

I still miss the local college theater that showed a different classic movie EVERY NIGHT. We'd see 2-3 old movies a week. I guess it's a good thing the theater is now being used as .... a real theater.... lol
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