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I understand why Spike is disinterested in seeing it; that makes sense. As expected, the 'n' word is once again very pervasive in a Tarantino film...

I respect both filmmakers and have enjoyed much of their work very much (just watched Spike's Bad 25: Michael Jackson documentary the other day). It's been fun to see them debate and snipe in the press several times in the past (and set it aside briefly, when Quentin made a cameo in Spike's film, Girl 6), but I like how Spike is saying 'but that's just me' here, and not necessarily judging anybody who might want to see Django.

I understand why people might not want to see something as serious and awful as slavery as a delivery method for a Western rescue-and-revenge adventure... but for me, it was very entertaining, mixed with the usual great dialogue, humor, visuals, perfect music choices, and 'little moments'...

I liked it better than Inglorious Basterds (which I liked, but it was pretty far removed from the film QT had prepared us to see... he'd been talking about his WW2 'guys on a mission' movie for more than a decade, and then it didn't feel like that's what it was, mostly...).

Walton Goggins has a good little bit as a villain in Django. Lots of fun cameos.

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